Business Coaching and Mentoring Services

Starting and growing your own business can be challenging.

There you are with this great business idea. It sounds so good and it feels so right to you. You just want to make it work. The idea of being your own boss sounds so appealing, rather than working for someone else with no job security and future prospects to be seen.

Then, after spending so much time and effort on your great business idea, somehow it just doesn’t seem to move forward. Yet, you continue pouring all your efforts into it, spending endless hours going round in circles.

Suddenly, you may feel that it is just not worth it. You are saying to yourself:  “Maybe you should just forget about it all, since it is not going to happen anyway.”

You are not alone in this and many others have been where you are now. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

business coaching and mentoring in londonA business coach and mentor like myself is here to help you along this ‘rocky’ road.

During your coaching and mentoring sessions you will be able to share your feelings and bounce ideas past your coach, explore directions of where to go and explore ways of how to turn your ideas into actions.

Do not be mistaken. As a coach I am not going to tell you what to do, but help you to guide you into directions where you will be taking actions that feel natural and comfortable for you. But during review meetings, you will have to answer to my requests of which actions, if any, you have taken. If you did not put any actions into place from a previous meeting, then I am going to ask you to explain the reasons behind your decision.

There is no point in me telling you what to do, since it is your business after all..

Coaching is a relationship between the coach and the client, almost like a partnership. As a coach and mentor I have your interest at heart; I do want you to succeed in areas where you may have felt ‘out of depth’. But I am also going to be the one driving you forward.

By using our combined strengths I am able to lead you into a more successful and comfortable future for your business and yourself.

To discover more about how I can help you with your business coaching requirements, click here.

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