Previous Assignments

As a transformational business coach, trainer and motivational speaker, I get to travel extensively around the world. I have opportunities to meet wonderful people and beautiful places, all as part of my ‘job’.

I have worked in the past with some big and small companies. On this page I am going to share some of my previous involvements with you.

In 2012 I did run a motivational programme for a major manufacturing company, taking me to various locations across Germany and Austria. Here are some clips of that ‘tour’:

In early 2013, I ran training courses in Asia, namely Manila and Kuala Lumpur, where I met some wornderful people and was made feel so welcome. Later that year, I had been re-invited for more seminars and workshops. Here’s a picture of the last group I worked with. See if you can find me in the crowd…

Kuala Lumpur - Training Group

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