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Wolf Matejek - Business coach and mentorMy name is Wolf Matejek and I am a business coach, L&D Consultant trainer and public speaker. I am also a writer of business-related books, available on Amazon. I have also published training courses on Udemy & Skillshare.

As a business coach and mentor, I am helping heart-centered business people like yourself, by providing coaching and training services to those of you wishing to develop a more successful and streamlined workforce while also helping businesses to develop their own marketing and pricing strategies and to overcome any limiting beliefs in their own abilities.

You are the person that inspired me to use my coaching, mentoring and training skills to help you making your business a success.

I believe that the world of business needs your dedication and passion. You can make a great living with your own business and enjoy the lifestyle you crave. You just need to know how to do it.  I am here to help you along the way..

But what does a Business Coach and Mentor do?

Well, let’s clear up on the difference between coaching and training.

Coaching is owned by the coachee, who defines the desired outcomes and support required – it is largely a non- directive process. In other words I am there to ‘hold your hand’ along the way.

Training on the other hand is a process driven by the trainer – where he or she delivers to a specification. It is a directive process. Training focuses on raising or altering skills (what a person does) whereas coaching focuses on beliefs, behaviours and competencies.

I offer coaching via my dedicated coaching site called ‘Business Success Unlimited‘.

Now let’s have a look what clients, just like yourself, have asked me in the past:

Who are your clients?

Well that is an easy question to answer. I enjoy working with people like you, who are running their own business and other professionals who are really good at what they do; yet no matter how hard they work, they always seem to hit blocks along the way, stopping and holding them back from the success they wish to achieve and deserve.

And while I enjoy working with individuals, I also take on assignments with corporations or mid-sized companies. I specifically work with individuals wishing to get their expert knowledge out there, to release the blocks holding them back, in readiness for their knowledge to be shared with others.

Furthermore and I want to be honest about this, I will be selective about who I will work with.

I hand-pick my clients carefully and gently turn those of you away where I feel that you may not be ready to take charge of your life and the road to success. Hereby I mean that some of you may approach me to work with, but may already be looking for an “easy way out strategy” in case the coaching programme does not work.

If my services will create financial hardship for you, like worrying about retaining my services only to then find that you will be unable to pay for bills or your mortgage etc. (Remember that I will still be here for you once your financial circumstances will have improved).

I will also politely turn down potential clients which I may view as complainers or whiners, those of you who may always be looking to blame others for your own shortcomings, by not taking responsibility for their own actions. In a nutshell, it would be unprofessional of me to take on such clients and totally unfair to them.

But who are the clients you do work with?

Unless you fall into the categories I mentioned above already, my clients come from a variety of backgrounds, including:

  • Complementary and Alternative Therapists
  • Writers and Authors
  • Business and Life Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Teachers and Trainers
  • Managers & Executives
  • Perfomers, Actors and Presenters
  • Public Speakers
  • and others

What do you want me to do I were to hire you?

Well, to get the best results I will ask you to do quite a lot of the work as ‘homework’. Those clients who do their homework regularly will achieve the best results. As a coach I can only guide you into the new direction, but you have to do the work.

Have you ever heard the phrase: “The coach coaches, but he doesn’t play“?

My best clients know it is time to invest in themselves… – they are tired of the way things are and are more than ready to make the changes necessary to achieve success.
How about you?

What are the results can I expect?

  • Starting to make more money
  • Meeting your obtainable goals, staying accountable to them and achieving them
  • Being more confident and comfortable discussing your offers and fees with prospective clients
  • Getting excited about starting new projects and seeing them through to completion
  • Enjoying the journey of building your business and taking it to the next level
  • Feeling more relaxed and sleeping better at night because you are letting go of the “what ifs”
  • Learning to comfortably talk to others about your business
  • Creating and sticking to your marketing plan in getting your message out there
  • Learning to manage your time effectively
  • Closing your sale without feeling pushy
  • Discovering who your ideal client is and how to attract him/her/them to you
  • Creating an ideal work environment that allows you to work efficiently
  • Learning when to say “Yes” and when to say “No” with ease
  • Setting effective boundaries of what will and will not work for you
  • Learning to delegate to others, freeing up your own time to do what you do best
  • Having the passion you feel in your heart about your business match the outside success you are finally seeing
  • Doing all of this while developing a life that is balanced and fulfilling! (Achieving a Life/Work balance, rather than the old fashioned Work/Life balance)

How quickly will results become apparent?

Those clients who are implementing change fastest, will see results appear the fastest too. Obviously this will also depend on the kind of challenges you need to overcome. Some will ‘melt’ away quite quickly, others may take a little longer. But in essence you should see changes very quickly. It may be initially in some simple areas such as eating/sleeping better, feeling more relaxed, feeling good about reviewing and increasing your fees, to name but a few.

What about a guarantee of results?

I wish I could give you that. But just like a therapist not being able to guarantee results, I cannot give you one either. Not because I do not want to, but because it very much depends on you and your input into the coaching programme. While I am able to guide you, I cannot make you do things.

But my coaching services do offer a ‘Money-back’ guarantee. More details about that can be found on my ‘Business Success Unlimited’ coaching site, here.

If I were to make you the promise that I will be able to help you to make a lot more money, then I would be lying. It’s up to you to put any suggestions and advice into action. I am sure you do understand that.

How much does coaching cost?

Before I will discuss your coaching investment, I will need to get to know your individual situation. So do get in touch and find out all you need to know.

It is refreshing to know that you are ready to get started on your journey to getting more clients, finding more opportunities, creating more income and having more self confidence to enjoy it all!

Welcome on your path into a brighter future.


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