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Business and internet resources

Internet Business Resources

The internet offers a huge array of great resources for your business. Especially if you wish to start a new business you cannot do without an online presence, which will require a domain name and hosting services at the least.

Here’s a list of my favourite services out there. Read more

Customer retention strategies

4 Valuable Customer Retention Strategies

Even if your business has an established customer base, the only way to continue to grow your business is by keeping your customers interested and happy. Read more

Ease your way into digital marketing

3 Ways to Ease Into Digital Marketing

Every business that wants to be successful in today’s marketplace must participate in online marketing. We are living in a digital world. Operating in an analog frame of mind will do nothing for perpetuating further success. Read more

Online marketing is a solid investment

Online Marketing is a Solid Investment

Online marketing, also known as “eMarketing, Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing,” as well as other terms translates into “advertising online or on the web.” Read more

4 Vital Website Content Tips

A website is made up of three essential components: URL/Hosting, graphics/design, and written content. Many website creators are preoccupied with aesthetics and have a keen eye for design, but not nearly as much concern and dedication is invested in the content. Read more

Social media marketing conversation

Social Media Marketing Conversation Starter Tips

When it comes to social media marketing, establishing good communication between you and your followers is pertinent in driving your business forward in today’s competitive market. Depending on the type of business you run, there are different methods you can use to start conversations that will ultimately generate new business. Read more