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Goal setting like an athlete

London Olympics & Paralympics 2012

Unfortunately it is all over now…

But let me take you back a little. Having been quite concerned about London being the host city for the Olympics and Paralympics, I was amazed how efficient and professional it all has panned out to be. The UK is not exactly known for being efficient in many things…

So a lot of negative voices were raised that ‘we’ will never pull it off and the UK will look totally incompetent to the world. But all those voices died when the world watched the Opening Ceremony.

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Negative thoughts are bad for your mental health

Self-talk tapping

During EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) sessions, we usually focus on emotions and work on bringing the level of intensity (SUD) down to a more comfortable level, if not even down to ‘zero’. Now learn more about the self-talk tapping idea.

Since our thoughts often cause us to have certain feelings and emotions, it is equally effective to tap on the thoughts in addition to the emotion.

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