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Wolf Matejek - Business coaching and training service providerMy name is Wolf Matejek and I would like to welcome you to my site. As a business coach and freelance trainer I support  many business owners looking for training services, business coaching or support and guidance for business start-ups. My range of services is offered to help you grow and improve your business. Please feel free to browse my site and do drop me a line via my contact page if you wish to know how I can help you specifically.

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Business Coaching & Mentoring in London

Running or starting your own business can be challenging and scary. You want to make the best go of it, but there are hurdles you just don’t feel you can overcome. Maybe it’s because you don’t know enough about the issue you are encountering, or it maybe because it feels alien to you…

But with business coaching and mentoring support you have a partner who has your best interest at heart, while supporting you through those ‘dark’ times.

To learn more about my business coaching and mentoring services in London, click here.


Training Services as a Freelance or Associate Trainer

I also am listed on Training-Classes.com where I have information about how my freelance training services can benefit you and your business. Alternatively, I would be happy to deliver your own content in an engaging and fun manner. To enquire about my availability and rates, please use my contact form here.

Here’s my promotion clip recorded running live training seminars in Germany & Austria.


Workshops & Webinars

Because I love to share my skills and knowledge with like-minded entrepreneurs, apart from coaching and mentoring services, I do offer live workshops and webinars. In those sessions you discover new skills and ideas for your business…

My training, coaching and webinar programmes include exciting topics such as:


Website Reviews

As a small business or startup you get told that you must have a website to promote your business. I absolutely agree with that. And when you get someone to build your site for you, they will just do what you ask for. They will create a site for you, but don’t take into account how your potential clients and customers will receive your sales message.

You’ll be shocked at how helpful it is to get objective, expert advice WITHOUT any techno babble…

Posing as a potential customer I will review your website content and provide you with a review of detailed, actionable suggestions for improvements you can make to your site. To learn more – Click here.

Feel free to browse my blogs for great and simple business ideas.


Public Speaking – Networking Events

If you are organising and/or running networking events, I would be very pleased to work with you and your audience as a public speaker. You can select from a variety of standard 30 minute presentations which will help your members to get up to speed with new ideas of how to grow their business in new and simple ways.

Call me to discuss your requirements or drop me a line via my enquiry form.